Of the three pieces of information that brace the sides of every board game box (the length of the game, the age range, and the number of players), the first two are approximations that can be determined by the publisher and/or the designer during playtesting or post-production, but the number of players is explicit in the design. The dimension of gaming we’ll talk about in this article is the player count, the use of different player numbers as a mechanic or design decision. One of the many ways to classify games is by the number of players. The player number is a deliberate design choice with implications for strategic depth, length, pacing, and complexity.
After exploring the forbidding oriental lands in the previous EastQuest expansion, the time has come to venture into some far more menacing regions of Enchantia. Steel yourself for a perilous journey into the Darklands!
The ultimate goal of every decision to include a theme in a game is to make the players feel like they have the experience you’re trying to provide. You want your players to think, “yes, I feel like I’m doing what the game tells me I’m doing.” We’ll explore three areas in which that sense can be achieved: using an appropriate theme, integrating theme with mechanics, and balancing theme with player experience.
Let us guide you through the Monsterpocalypse Kickstarter offer, to help you make your choice depending on your player profile, your desires, and your budget. 
In this new co-edition of Monsterpocalypse Board Game, we have compiled  the competitive AND cooperative game modes into the core box, even adding a brand-new single player mode! 
In this article, we are going to focus on the mechanics of a game turn, Monster Power Attacks, and combined unit attacks.
In this Monsterpocalypse Board Game article, we’ll dig deeper into the game system and introduce you to the special game mechanics that use three dice types.
Kaijū and giant fighting robots are returning to your gaming tables to wreak even more havoc in this new supercharged edition of the game co-pro’ed by Privateer Press and Mythic Games!
We recently announced that Mythic Games' next Kickstarter, scheduled to launch this fall, will be a new "board game" edition of the Epic Monsterpocalypse miniatures game, and here is a short overview of this project!
So… you may have noticed there are three expansions to Steamwatchers. Here’s a short rundown of what’s in each! What we’ve tried to do with each expansion is for it to steer the game in a specific direction so that players can customize their Steamwatchers experience!
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