In the time between the sinking of Atlantis and the great World covering flood, there thrived an unsuspected Bronze Age. An age of legends, raw magic, and conflicts in the lush jungles and steaming swamps that would one day become the Mediterranean Sea. Heroes from all over Alboraan embarked on a Homeric quest to save the world from the threat of Anastyr, the Queen of the Black Dragons. Let's remake the world! Coming soon on Kickstarter, this new game has unleashed a passionate response within the Mythic Games team for several reasons.
Solomon Kane, the return of the Puritan! Assume the role of an immortal Virtue in this innovative 1-4 player co-operative game of storytelling, resource management, and tactical choices. “Solomon Kane… considered himself the fulfiller of God’s judgment, a vessel of wrath to be emptied upon the souls of the unrighteous.” – Robert E Howard From...
In our previous article, we introduced you to the world and characters that you will see in Solomon Kane. Our Puritan, guided by the four virtues, will do whatever is in his power to overcome the powers of darkness. In this article, we go into the specifics of the gameplay of the Solomon Kane board game! Immerse into the adventure!
Since we have just announced the new Dark Lands Expansion for Enchanters, we thought it might be time to recap the previous episodes because the story of Enchanters has all the ingredients of a successful series.
For game design, we’ll use a slightly more straightforward definition: scaling is a game’s ability to retain a similar experience regardless of the number of players. It involves changing rules, numerical formulas, or other design elements based on player count to ensure that the game stays playable and balanced.
The Undead Sea expansion for Rise of the Necromancers is THE big attraction in the Gamefound campaign, as it is totally fresh! Check out this article to find out more!
Dawn & Demons has arrived. This first expansion for Rise of the Necromancers gives you the ability to summon and control powerful demons, while it also adds new modes in the game! Now you are more powerful than ever!
A few weeks ago we announced that our Phoenix Game Line would be enriched with a second game in 2022 with Rise of the Necromancers, which we are publishing in partnership with Danish publisher Sore Loser Games. Before we get up close and personal with the game and its mechanisms, we wanted to remind you...
Mythic Games and Ingenio Games closed a strategic agreement for 5 years to distribute Mythic’s games in Spanish.
Mythic Games is proud to unite forces with Sore Loser Games to launch a crowdfunding campaign. Rise of the Necromancers and its expansion, Dawn & Demons, will fly the Phoenix Line’s colors. Additionally, designers Thorbjørn Christensen and Christoffer Kyst have designed a brand new expansion, Undead Sea, which will be launched during this campaign. Rise...
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