Announcing Super Fantasy Brawl

Mythic Games Sàrl is proud to announce that it will be bringing Super Fantasy Brawl to Kickstarter in 2019. This is a fast-paced competitive miniatures game. Players assemble a team from the greatest fantasy fighters and go head-to-head in an effort to become champion of the Super Brawl.

The Game

In the land of Fabulosa, powerful magics have rendered war obsolete. With nothing else to compete for, the bored populace has turned to the Super Brawl for entertainment. These same powerful magics are now used to reach back into the timelines to pluck out the finest warriors; they must compete against each other in the greatest entertainment spectacle ever staged. 

By designer Jochen Eisenhuth and artists Johannes Helgeson, Bayard Wu, and Stephane Gantiez, Super Fantasy Brawl is a fun, fast-paced competitive miniatures board game. Players will select a team of three Champions and combine their unique Action cards to create a synergistic Action deck. The game is faction-free, so players have their choice of any combination of Champions they wish. Each turn, the players will use their hand of Action cards to manoeuvre, attack, displace enemies, and claim objectives to score Victory points. The first to reach the Victory point threshold is the winner. They then advance towards victory in the Super Brawl tournament.

The wizards who oversee the Super Brawl ensure that all Champions return back to their timeline unharmed. Therefore Champions cannot die. The defeated Champion returns to the field of play whilst the one who delivered the blow levels-up to become even more powerful; but beware, if someone defeats your levelled-up Champion then it will return to the action reset back to its less powerful version.

The discovery

“We discovered Super Fantasy Brawl by accident whilst at Spiel last year. The designer came to our booth for a demonstration of Reichbusters: Projekt Vril,” said Benoit Vogt, co-founder of Mythic Games. “All of the team were blown away by its combination of deep tactical synergies and fast-paced action. We knew immediately that this was a game that would fit right in to the Mythic Games catalogue. With our team of industry leading sculptors and artists we have reimagined the world of Super Fantasy Brawl to match its outstanding gameplay. Whether you like fast, fun gaming or pitting your wits in competitive play, you will love Super Fantasy Brawl.”

Super Fantasy Brawl will launch on Kickstarter in Summer 2019. An Organised Play scheme will also support the game on its release.


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