Anastyr – the Origins

A long time ago, when dragons ruled the world

In the time between the sinking of Atlantis and the great World covering flood, there thrived an unsuspected Bronze Age. An age of legends, raw magic, and conflicts in the lush jungles and steaming swamps that would one day become the Mediterranean Sea. Heroes from all over Alboraan embarked on a Homeric quest to save the world from the threat of Anastyr, the Queen of the Black Dragons.

Let’s remake the world!

This new game, coming soon to Kickstarter, has unleashed a passionate response within the Mythic Games team, for several reasons. Starting with its universe: a Heroic Fantasy universe, the first of its kind for Mythic Games, and which follows our tradition of historical or mythological universes set on Earth “with a twist”. The game is set in the distant past, which certainly inspired myths and legends. The action takes place in the heart of the Mediterranean basin before it became a sea. The known world, called Alboraan, is home to many peoples, barbarians, Celts, Northmen, shamans, but also wild and prehistoric creatures, fairies, trolls, and of course, dragons.

Paradoxically, we at Mythic Games had not yet exploited this theme of Heroic Fantasy and we knew that we’d tackle it at some point. We were waiting for the right moment because we wanted a strong universe, both rich, evocative, and immersive. And we had a fantastic opportunity thanks to our friendship with Paolo Parente, a partner in Dust Studios, the manufacturer of all our miniatures, but above all an outstanding Italian artist, specializing in epic fantasy and SF art. Known as much by Magic fans as by Confrontation, AT-43, or Dust fans, Paolo loves to create rich and original universes.

And in 2011, he imagined the universe of Anastyr, a Barbarian fantasy universe as he likes to define it, and produced the first resin miniatures, sold on his company Dust Studio’s website. At the time, they were simply beautiful miniatures, to be painted or collected while waiting for the release of a hypothetical game. Later, in 2015, we found Anastyr miniatures, in plastic this time, thanks to a beautiful Artist Guest Box for Zombicide Black Plague by CMON. We’ve always been fans of Anastyr’s figures and the universe, and in a discussion with Paolo, we offered to acquire the rights and ask him to be the Art Director. Paolo was enthusiastic and passionate from the start, and since then, under his supervision, our designers have been able to continue to develop this fascinating universe down to the smallest detail. This attention to detail, the importance is given to the story, the cosmogony, the motivations of each protagonist, and every aspect of the world brings a coherence that you will find in the game and that helps to immerse yourself in it.

It’s a blast!

Another reason for the enthusiasm of our teams in the game system we have chosen to develop. Far from the classic Dungeon Crawlers or co-op narratives that we’ve seen in recent years, we think it brings a real breath of fresh air, something profoundly new and different. And there is a story behind it too. For a long time, we had the desire to transcribe into a board game the sensations of the “Beat them up” video games of the 90s. We were thinking of games like Streets of Rage or Final Fight, imagining a fun board game with fighting, non-stop action, hordes of enemies, tile scrolling, bosses, etc. But rather than go for a simple game, we decided to go for a more complex one. But rather than going for urban fighting, why not keep this principle but adapted to our Heroic Fantasy universe? In short, to make “Golden Axe” rather than “Streets of Rage”? The concept of a Golden Axe-style beat them up seduced us instantly, with of course the idea of including wild mounts in the game that the heroes could try to tame.
And that’s how the first pieces of the Anastyr puzzle came together! From there the real development work began, and as often happens, the result went far beyond our initial intentions.

A unique cocktail!

What is the experience proposed by Anastyr today? Well, if we had to describe it simply, we’d say it’s a cooperative board game with miniatures for 1 to 4 players, offering exploration, a bit of storytelling (a story is told to you, with high stakes and revelations), and of course some fighting.

Each player takes on the role of a powerful hero, and together they embark on an incredible odyssey across the world. They will have to face hordes of enemies and monsters, wizards and warlords that vary greatly depending on the environment they travel through. Each hero will be able to pick up equipment specific to the region they are traveling through and will see their fighting style evolve as they go along, hoping to be ready to face the ultimate threat at the end of an epic and adventurous campaign!

During their quest, the heroes will be able to ride a variety of mounts (horse, raptor, saber-toothed tiger, and other exotic creatures) that will give them special advantages. Their combat skills and ability to coordinate well with their companions will be constantly tested. Anastyr benefits from particularly immersive innovations, such as the scrolling game tiles, the interchangeable and magnetic mounts, or the backdrops that transform your board into a diorama. We’ll come back to all these aspects in future articles.

The game features a dynamic mix of playing cards and special dice to roll and introduces combat mechanics loosely based on Beat’em up video games. Heroes eliminate their opponents by unleashing fearsome combos. But they can also ravage the battlefield with their Fury, one of the devastating attacks unique to each hero, resulting from the rage accumulated over the course of the battle.

Each hero has a unique deck, which reflects their fighting style. In the campaign mode, this deck can be improved by the player thanks to new cards that they will choose and that will reflect the evolution and the leveling up of the hero.
We have announced a launch on Kickstarter in the second quarter of this year, we will give you the exact date soon.
Until then, other articles will go into more detail about the universe, the material, and the game mechanics of Anastyr!


Hitting Kickstarter! Soon!

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