14 May 2018 Re-Opening the Pledge Manager

Hello everyone! As mentioned in last week’s What’s up Wednesday, we’re re-opening the pledge manager for a short time. A lot of you were not able to complete your pledges as you wanted whilst it was open, and this is a much more efficient way of helping with them than handling each request individually. If you are among the majority of backers who did manage to complete your pledge as you wanted it, then you do not need to do anything. Also, the pledge manager does not impact upon production other than to provide order numbers so this does not mean a delay in getting you your pledge. For those of you who do need to complete or amend your pledge then the pledge manager is open as of today, and it closes at 17:00 BST on Monday 4th June. Please make sure that you have your pledge as you’d like it by then as we cannot guarantee that we can make any amendments to it after that. We advise completing your pledge as soon as possible so that if you have any issues they can be resolved before the pledge manager closes. Ben
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